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PGP Plugin for Eudora

There are some problems with the pgpplugin.dll file that lets PGP interface with Eudora.

First off, if you have a working setup (i.e. all the buttons work as expected, etc.) then I wouldn't suggest messing with it!

The best way to discover which version you have is probably to match the file sizes (although it isn't foolproof either).  Note that the same pgpplugin.dll file will work on either Eudora Light or Pro, if nothing else is specified.

Checking the version you have currently

In your Eudora plugins directory (usually c:\eudora\plugins), look for the file pgpplugin.dll.  Right click on it and select "properties".  This will give you the file size in bytes (don't go by the KB reading since some are close enough to report the same KB size).

PGP installs a different plugin depending upon what version of Eudora (3.x or 4.x) you have installed. To check which version you have installed, find the pgpplugin.dll file, right click on it, and select "Properties". Click on the version tab, then select "Internal Name" from the list. The Internal Name will show:

Naturally, if that doesn't match the version of Eudora you have installed, you should probably reinstall PGP.

Installing a new version

PGP Version Eudora Version(s) File size (pgpplugin.dll) Source
5.0 Personal 
3.0.2-3.0.3 122,368 Here
5.0 Freeware 3.0.5 126,464 Here
5.5 Business ? 122,880
5.5.2 Freeware 4.0 100,864
5.5.3 Freeware 3.0.3-4.0* 121,856 Here
5.5.3 Freeware 4.0 101,376 Here
* - I think this should be 3.0.4-4.0, since I think 3.0.4 is when Qualcomm changed how Eudora's plugins were handled.  Could someone confirm or deny this for me?

Note:  PGP 5.5.3a uses either the 5.5.3 Freeware (121,856) file or Light users can also use the first one on the table above (122,368) I'm told (this is the one included in the install).  Might as well be safe and use the one in the installed directory!  The difference in the files includes changing the message that shows up in the Version line in the signature.

If you have the files I'm missing, please feel free to email them to me, and I'll post them for others who may need them.  Thank you!

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Outlook and PGP

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Written by RJ Marquette on 12/10/97.  Version 2.0.1 6/13/99.
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